Pit Stop
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Racer Profile

deroche1 Racer 9 Insignia 152 WPM
Full Average 133.9 WPM
Best Race 317 WPM
Races Completed 225117
WPM Percentile 99.9%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 9
Racing Since Jan. 31, 2015
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Name Moving on
Age 24
Gender Male
Location Seattle, Washington, United States United States flag
About Me For so long I have struggled with the dichotomous thought that the world is both a beautiful and a horrid place. I feel as though the longer I spend behind a computer screen, the more my perception of the beauty of the world will diminish, and the greater my perception of its horridness will grow.

I will no longer be completing any Typeracer races, with the exception of the occasional visit with friends, nor will I be using the online world as a way of blocking out a fear of facing the journey of life. As of writing this, I am 24 years old; while I am still quite young, each day marks one day closer to the inevitability of the extinguishment of my existence. For this reason, I intend to live each day from here on out to its fullest. As a former professor and mentor regularly said, "No zero days." Every day I intend to do something, no matter how small, to better myself.

I would love to make a positive mark on the world, to do good to others, to one day look back with pride at my challenges, my triumphs, and my development. The internet can serve as an amazing tool to better oneself and humanity in general, but if I continue the excessiveness of my own internet use I fear my will to achieve will atrophy and ultimately prevent me from accomplishing anything of value.

There are, hyperbolically, a million people I've met here whom I would like to mention personally, but I cannot possibly list them all, nor would I want to hold the guilt of mistakenly forgetting anyone - so I'd like to give a blanket THANK YOU to all whom I've met, befriended, had deep conversations with, shared laughs with, cried with; to all who have helped me overcome challenges; to all who have allowed me a glimpse into their lives. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and get to know every one of you.

While there may have been some tough situations - "internet drama" - I hold no resentment nor dislike towards anyone on this site. To anyone whom I have wronged in any way I give my sincerest apologies; I am far from a perfect person and have much to gain in terms of maturity, kindness, knowledge, wisdom, and empathy.

I will always be reachable via Discord, private messaging on this site, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/michael.deroche1. While I may take a while to get back to you in some cases, I will never ignore a message.

I wish everyone the best in life. The world can be a beautiful place if we choose to make it so. Do something nice for someone, even if you perceive the action to have no benefit for yourself. Helping others, I have found, is the most effective path to achieving happiness of your own. Kindness spreads, as does malice. Choose the better path. Make the world a slightly better place one good deed at a time. "Today you, tomorrow me." https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/elal2/have_you_ever_picked_up_a_hitchhiker/c18z0z2/

With love,

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
225117 151 WPM 98.0% 86 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225116 148 WPM 98.2% 91 1/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225115 162 WPM 98.8% 162 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225114 161 WPM 98.4% 202 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225113 151 WPM 97.4% 189 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225112 141 WPM 96.3% 136 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225111 153 WPM 98.1% 107 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225110 141 WPM 97.3% 200 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225109 145 WPM 98.8% 116 2/2 Feb. 8, 2018
225108 166 WPM 99.1% 171 1/2 Feb. 8, 2018
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