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Pit Stop

Welcome to the social and informational area of typeracer.com. Here you can take a break from typeracing to read your messages, edit your profile, make friends, and learn about your competitors.

Who's Here

atthetop United States flag, keegant Canada flag, hawkinm United States flag, zakkcp United States flag, l502x United States flag, poem , joteixeira Portugal flag, websitejunkie United States flag, scythes United States flag, forety United States flag

Who's Racing (Latest Finishes)

  • tryingtotchtype
    66 WPM (96.8% accuracy), 1st place Australia Australia flag
  • l__l
    98 WPM (97.3% accuracy), 2nd place Canada Canada flag
  • grigoras92 vs. dr_gammaray and 1 other opponent
    135 WPM (98.1% accuracy), 2nd place Romania Romania flag
  • dr_gammaray vs. grigoras92 and 1 other opponent
    140 WPM (98.4% accuracy), 1st place United States United States flag
  • bubthegod
    74 WPM (95.2% accuracy), 5th place Canada Canada flag
  • pinkbass
    50 WPM (97.6% accuracy), 2nd place Italy Italy flag
  • zach29
    81 WPM (97.7% accuracy), 1st place United States United States flag
  • ahmedwhaley
    46 WPM (93.7% accuracy), 3rd place United States United States flag

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