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Pit Stop

Welcome to the social and informational area of typeracer.com. Here you can take a break from typeracing to read your messages, edit your profile, make friends, and learn about your competitors.

Who's Here

hyper_racer Russian Federation flag, actuallynonquitforlife United States flag, aaronadams United States flag, judinl3 Australia flag, achrox Indonesia flag, sc3r4 Poland flag, kyazz Russian Federation flag, timebirds Hungary flag, edispaghetti Morocco flag, rayxzor Indonesia flag, mshihan Sri Lanka flag, fanta0520 Hungary flag, alexample Serbia flag

Who's Racing (Latest Finishes)

  • billypeppin
    116 WPM (98.8% accuracy), 1st place Australia Australia flag
  • kumar_thapa1
    69 WPM (97.0% accuracy), 2nd place United States United States flag
  • jun0sck vs. jonieashnee1 and 4 other opponents
    51 WPM (95.9% accuracy), 5th place Japan Japan flag
  • timebirds
    54 WPM (92.9% accuracy), 1st place Hungary Hungary flag
  • danthecoolman
    32 WPM (94.6% accuracy), 3rd place United States United States flag
  • drow92 vs. htb91 and 3 other opponents
    54 WPM (96.8% accuracy), 3rd place India India flag
  • blackpigeon
    123 WPM (99.5% accuracy), 1st place Singapore Singapore flag
  • aaronadams
    166 WPM (100.0% accuracy), 1st place United States United States flag

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