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Pit Stop

Welcome to the social and informational area of typeracer.com. Here you can take a break from typeracing to read your messages, edit your profile, make friends, and learn about your competitors.

Who's Here

siglemic , atthetop United States flag, poke1 Antarctica flag, joshua728 United States flag, kiwpi , thedyingdragon2 United States flag, john62180 United States flag, instagramleulm17 Canada flag, piggo1228 United States flag, gustavodacrvi Brazil flag, ielm , lazz19 , harrisandman United States flag, crashb0y01 United States flag, the__cpl United States flag, 0ctavian United Kingdom flag

Who's Racing (Latest Finishes)

  • paulcardozo
    71 WPM (96.0% accuracy), 1st place Bolivia, Plurinational State Of Bolivia, Plurinational State Of flag
  • noahax vs. facc and 4 other opponents
    70 WPM (93.8% accuracy), 3rd place United States United States flag
  • facc vs. noahax and 4 other opponents
    78 WPM (97.7% accuracy), 2nd place United States United States flag
  • azathoth4
    91 WPM (95.7% accuracy), 1st place Philippines Philippines flag
  • neutralgger vs. ykstotol and 4 other opponents
    63 WPM (95.4% accuracy), 5th place Romania Romania flag
  • evofury
    91 WPM (96.5% accuracy), 1st place United States United States flag
  • onlyjot vs. edwardtan1211, terminator_typer, squaray and 2 other opponents
    88 WPM (97.0% accuracy), 4th place United Kingdom United Kingdom flag
  • omenvictorcp
    57 WPM (92.6% accuracy), 1st place Spain Spain flag

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