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Pit Stop

Welcome to the social and informational area of typeracer.com. Here you can take a break from typeracing to read your messages, edit your profile, make friends, and learn about your competitors.

Who's Here

macieje Poland flag, primarch Netherlands flag, macen United Kingdom flag, decolatio United States flag

Who's Racing (Latest Finishes)

  • ita17 vs. umm_eran and 4 other opponents
    72 WPM (97.1% accuracy), 5th place Israel Israel flag
  • bigloser3
    80 WPM (96.1% accuracy), 2nd place Canada Canada flag
  • fikri043 vs. terimakasihibu and 2 other opponents
    39 WPM (91.8% accuracy), 2nd place Indonesia Indonesia flag
  • umm_eran vs. ita17 and 4 other opponents
    91 WPM (97.8% accuracy), 1st place United Kingdom United Kingdom flag
  • nomadz vs. inwerpsel and 4 other opponents
    94 WPM (97.8% accuracy), 3rd place Finland Finland flag
  • inwerpsel vs. nomadz and 4 other opponents
    97 WPM (98.5% accuracy), 2nd place Belgium Belgium flag
  • tyypapi vs. nankan6111, carpalxqgmlwy and 3 other opponents
    84 WPM (96.8% accuracy), 3rd place Canada Canada flag
  • grey2 vs. gryphyen and 3 other opponents
    70 WPM (97.6% accuracy), 2nd place Denmark Denmark flag

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