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Racer patel to the metal (wildsv2)
Race Number 130
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2021 13:13:02 +0000
Speed 76 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 96.4%
Rank 2nd place (out of 5)
Opponents idodance (3rd place) predator_017 (1st place) raymond360 (5th place) roltarendo (4th place)

Text typed:

I do this thing where I think I'm really sick, but I won't go to the doctor to find out about it, because they make you stay real still in a real small place, as they chart up your insides and put them on display. They'd see all of it. All of me. All the good that won't come out of me.
The Good That Won't Come Out of Me (song) by Rilo Kiley (see stats)

Typing Review: