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Racer Suman Gurung (grgsuman)
Race Number 1100
Date Fri, 3 Jun 2016 07:43:07 +0000
Speed 65 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 92.8%
Rank 3rd place (out of 4)
Opponents acharya_saugat (2nd place) faceistheplace (1st place) huehue_ (4th place)

Text typed:

In short order, Carter then proceeded to kill any chance he had of securing reelection. In American political discourse, fundamental threats are by definition external. Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, or international communism could threaten the United States. Yet Carter now dared to suggest that the real danger to American democracy lay within.
The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism (book) by Andrew Bacevich (see stats)