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Racer JiGsaW (homeboy2603)
Race Number 1501
Date Sun, 1 Sep 2019 08:22:38 +0000
Speed 97 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 97.7%
Rank 3rd place (out of 5)
Opponents angrytongan (1st place) pshy0 (4th place) ryanl12 (5th place)

Text typed:

The past is always with us. Where we come from, what we go through, how we go through it; all this matters. Like at the end of the book, ya know, boats and tides and all. It's like you can change up, right, you can say you're somebody new, you can give yourself a whole new story.
The Wire (other) by Ed Burns, David Mills, George Pelecanos, David Simon (see stats)

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