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Racer lambdanaut (lambdanaut)
Race Number 11757
Date Sat, 3 Oct 2020 21:44:46 +0000
Speed 107 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 98.4%
Rank 1st place (out of 3)

Text typed:

I've created a monster 'cause nobody wants to see Marshall no more. They want Shady, I'm chopped liver. Well if you want Shady, this is what I'll give you: A little bit of weed mixed with some hard liquor. Some vodka that'll jump start my heart quicker than a shock when I get shocked at the hospital by the doctor when I'm not co-operating. When I'm rockin' the table while he's operating. You waited this long, now stop debating. 'Cause I'm back, I'm on the rag and ovulating. I know that you got a job, Ms. Cheney but your husband's heart problem's complicating. So the FCC won't let me be or let me be me, so let me see. They try to shut me down on MTV but it feels so empty, without me.
Without Me (song) by Eminem (see stats)

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