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Pit Stop
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Racer Noah (licahfox)
Race Number 11852
Date Wed, 1 Sep 2021 13:14:59 +0000
Speed 152 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 98.6%
Rank 3rd place (out of 5)
Opponents jestercaporado (1st place) weihceinre (2nd place)

Text typed:

Quitting a job doesn't have to mean giving up. A job is just a tactic, a way to get what you really want. As soon as your job hits a dead end, it makes sense to quit and take your quest to a bigger marketplace - because every day you wait puts your goal further away.
The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick) (book) by Seth Godin (see stats)

Typing Review: