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Racer lin zy (linnzyy)
Race Number 5
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2021 11:03:22 +0000
Speed 51 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 96.3%
Rank 2nd place (out of 5)
Opponents dfobhmpr (1st place) m_adiil (4th place) rudude (3rd place)

Text typed:

Living in the solar system, we have the chance to study, at close range, perhaps the most common type of cosmic object - a star. Our Sun is a star, and a fairly average star at that, but with one unique feature: It is very close to us - some 300,000 times closer than the next nearest star, Alpha Centauri.
Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe (7th Edition) (book) by Eric Chaisson, Steve McMillan (see stats)

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