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Racer Alexandre (malfortune)
Race Number 5802
Date Tue, 28 Jul 2020 07:48:07 +0000
Speed 63 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 95.6%
Rank 3rd place (out of 5)
Opponents derekkeiley (4th place) frosty24 (2nd place) yshapes (1st place)

Text typed:

In my eyes, indisposed. In disguises no one knows. Hides the face, lies the snake. The sun in my disgrace. Boiling heat, summer stench. 'Neath the black the sky looks dead. Call my name through the cream. And I'll hear you scream again. Black hole sun. Won't you come. And wash away the rain. Black hole sun. Won't you come. Won't you come.
Black Hole Sun (song) by Soundgarden (see stats)

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