Pit Stop
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Racer rilee_h443 (rilee_h443)
Race Number 25467
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2020 06:36:40 +0000
Speed 66 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 95.5%
Rank 3rd place (out of 4)
Opponents hordosikrisztian (2nd place) protyper_rahulganesh (1st place)

Text typed:

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals; we shouldn't settle for less. These are wise words, enterprising men quote 'em. Don't act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote 'em. But Hamilton forgets. His plan would have the government assume state's debts. Now, place your bets as to who that benefits: the very seat of government where Hamilton sits...
Hamilton (song) by Lin-Manuel Miranda (see stats)

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