Pit Stop
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Racer (sidd_)
Race Number 15889
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2019 03:24:50 +0000
Speed 133 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 97.9%
Rank 1st place (out of 2)
Opponents ml1326 (2nd place)

Text typed:

Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? I didn't mean to do that. Please, continue. You were saying something about "best intentions"? What's the matter? Oh, you were finished? Oh, well allow me to retort: What does Marsellus Wallace look like? What country you from? "What" ain't no country I've ever heard of. They speak English in What? English, do you speak it? Then you know what I'm saying.
Pulp Fiction (movie) by Quentin Tarantino (see stats)

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