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Racer https://www.gofundme.com/f/bradys-recove This person deserves a chance (toching)
Race Number 5902
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2019 18:58:28 +0000
Speed 123 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 98.2%
Rank 2nd place (out of 4)
Opponents burgerhex (3rd place) gianthetaco (1st place) inwerpsel (4th place)

Text typed:

Back then when I got home from work, you were always there waiting for me. And that was all I needed. Just you. But on that day, when I came back home the only thing there was that pocket watch; that and a small piece of paper that just had one word written across it: farewell. For some reason, I didn't feel sad or broken up - it just didn't seem real. But slowly I realized that it was real; that you were gone. And little by little I felt something inside of me go numb. After six months I made a kind of bet with myself; a pledge, that I would leave this planet and start a new life if you didn't return by the time the watch stopped. I didn't come here to blame you, I... I just wanted to know why. Why you disappeared like that.
Cowboy Bebop (other) by Hirokazu Yamada, Shin'ichirĂ´ Watanabe (see stats)

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