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Racer (delirious)
Race Number 12
Date Sat, 2 Feb 2019 23:18:57 +0000
Universe o4do0q2x8u
Speed 142 WPM Try to beat?
Accuracy 98.4%
Rank 2nd place (out of 3)
Opponents mako640 (1st place)

Text typed:

It is thought that similar but even larger black holes, with masses of about a hundred million times the mass of the sun, occur at the centers of quasars. For example, observations with the Hubble telescope of the galaxy known as M87 reveal that it contains a disk of gas 130 light-years across rotating about a central object two thousand million times the mass of the sun. This can only be a black hole.
A Brief History of Time (book) by Stephen Hawking (see stats)

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