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Racer Profile

aseeace Typist 9 Insignia 134 WPM
Full Average 110.1 WPM
Best Race 204 WPM
Races Completed 14073
WPM Percentile 99.9%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Typist 9
Racing Since April 14, 2012
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Basic
Name އަސީސް
Age 27
Gender Male
Location Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep, India India flag
About Me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-I used to type 150 average wpm. I still can occasionally but my accuracy has significantly decreased over the years of quitting typeracer.
-I can type speeds upto 204wpm without excessive punctuation and boring paragraphs. I hope to put that on my record here soon enough!
-I'm an "informal typist" - I do things against the standard and in a relaxed way. Screw home keys! But really, the whole reason I'm on typeracer again is so I can use it while I learn a more efficient way of typing to significantly increase my accuracy and speed.
-I use a QWERTY keyboard like most people in North America. The layout is ingrained in my brain! And has been for 17 years.
-I mainly type with my two thumbs and my first two fingers on each hand. I don't use my ring fingers or my pinkies... (except for shift, enter, backspace, & 10 keys)
-My accuracy & speed varies because I need to incorporate my other fingers and better posture.
-I challenge anyone to race me all the way through. My accuracy is always changing. :)
-I'm not here to manipulate my scores for the sake of being the best typist. I am here to be a better typist.
-Been typing for years. I probably should be typing 250 wpm at this point but it's hard to learn a more efficient way.
-I try to finish races when I can unless I go way under my current average <100-110wpm. This is so I don't get to a point where I have to race people who are too slow for me.
-I usually quit races when everyone quits on me within the first 2 seconds. Who likes to win a race with themselves? The whole point of Typeracer is to race with others.
-I'm 21 old typist... so suck it.

Enough about me. Now get back in the race!

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
14073 143 WPM 90.2% N/A 1/4 Nov. 23, 2015
14072 129 WPM 90.6% N/A 2/2 Nov. 23, 2015
14071 132 WPM 88.1% N/A 1/3 Nov. 23, 2015
14070 125 WPM 87.8% N/A 2/4 Nov. 23, 2015
14069 137 WPM 94.2% N/A 2/3 Nov. 23, 2015
14068 137 WPM 100.0% N/A 1/5 Nov. 23, 2015
14067 145 WPM 100.0% N/A 2/5 Nov. 23, 2015
14066 152 WPM 84.0% N/A 1/5 Nov. 23, 2015
14065 120 WPM 91.4% N/A 2/3 Nov. 23, 2015
14064 123 WPM 89.4% N/A 1/4 Nov. 23, 2015
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