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Racer Profile

ayuayu Racer 9 Insignia 171 WPM
Full Average 145.0 WPM
Best Race 281 WPM
Races Completed 16544
WPM Percentile 99.9%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 9
Racing Since Nov. 11, 2014
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Name smh
Age 18
Gender Male
Location Oslo, Oslo, Norway Norway flag
About Me Hi, I just want to tell all you TypeRacers that my two highest scores on TypeRacer, on this account, were cheat scores. (a 274 WPM on "Use the power.." and a 281 WPM on "The quick brown fox..")

There are a couple of other races that I've cheated on too, and I am really sorry that I cheated. I cheated with a reason, I did it to drive away the cheaters that took over scoreboards and leaderboards. But I did it wrong, because I did it on my main account instead of cheating on other account. Then I suddenly became one of the cheaters that took over the scoreboards and leaderboards. I did not do it on purpose, I was only trying to make the cheaters go away. I am really really sorry that this happened. I can ensure you all that I don't cheat anymore, and I'll never do it again.

Me and my typing history

February 2013 - I started typing on 10FastFingers.

March 2014 - I got my first 140 WPM, on 10FastFingers, and then I wanted to find more typingsites.

May 2014 - A friend asked me to join TypeRacer, and I decided to join so I made an account named supererik - my very first account here.

October 2014 - I started to take typing a little serious, I wanted to become faster. So I made an account named shazman. From then on, I've just kept improving and improving. I've always had a pretty weird typing technique, when I first started typing I was using 2 fingers, both my index fingers. Then after a while, I started adding more fingers, and ended up using a 6-finger technique, which I'm still using.

So, I started at 80 WPM. And now my average varies between 135-170 WPM, though I'm mostly averaging between 145-160 WPM nonquit. With race-selecting, I can get up to 180-200+ WPM average.

My recent highest TypeRacer scores

Coming soon!

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
16544 230 WPM 100.0% N/A 1/2 June 15, 2016
16543 218 WPM 100.0% N/A 1/2 June 15, 2016
16542 183 WPM 100.0% N/A 1/1 June 15, 2016
16541 147 WPM 97.5% N/A 1/2 June 15, 2016
16540 169 WPM 82.7% N/A 1/4 June 15, 2016
16539 152 WPM 91.9% N/A 2/4 June 15, 2016
16538 142 WPM 94.7% N/A 1/4 June 15, 2016
16537 152 WPM 90.0% N/A 1/3 June 15, 2016
16536 157 WPM 95.2% N/A 1/4 June 15, 2016
16535 159 WPM 94.3% N/A 1/4 June 15, 2016
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