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bladevampirek Racer 9 Insignia 120 WPM
Full Average 108.6 WPM
Best Race 739 WPM
Races Completed 39051
WPM Percentile 99.7%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 9
Racing Since Oct. 21, 2008
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Name ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ ⇨ bit.ly/2uhepgn ⇦👀 Stats
Age 31
Gender Male
Location Kentucky, United States United States flag
About Me Song: https://youtu.be/BFDPDCaFM5s
I like songs a lot... If you're around me... You'll probably be linked to lots of random things.
⇗ The Top Score on this Profile 700+ is a glitched score, ignore it.
Below are my real stats, verification videos of the highest stats I claim can be found on my Youtube Channel bit.ly/2uhepgn with clear audio. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
For all of those concerned, this is why I feel I was hacked. =D
Don't take my Negan or Vampire Puns personally. I love role-playing and being competitive.
*3 quotes now 180+ unlagged speed!!*
Best Profile Score: "216 Words Per Minute"
"Replay score (without lag): 230.01 wpm" on 05/11/2020
Profile Score: "210 Words Per Minute"
"Replay score (without lag): 217.84 wpm" on 01/06/2020
Best Profile Score: "195 Words Per Minute"
"Replay score (without lag): 203.53 wpm" on 12/14/2019 (first ever 200+ wpm score)
^ The above scores are on the Same Quote.
2nd Best Profile Score: "193 Words Per Minute"
"Replay score (without lag): 199.80 wpm" on 12/07/2019
3rd Best Profile Score: "172 Words Per Minute"
"Replay Score (without lag): 185.67 Wpm" on 08/20/2019
Greetings Mortal Humans, Welcome to my Typeracer Page! I first got fascinated by Computers from watching
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Tv Series, which had a Character named, "Willow RosenBerg" Who was a Computer Hacker in High School. She would sometimes help the "Scooby Gang" solve their mysteries using her Computer Skills, and play a part in Buffy saving the world.
I started out just gaming, and hating anything technical about computers. I played, www.streetfighteronline.com and was one of the best Spiderman Characters people have fought in that game People told me.
At this time, I had no type of Touch Typing Training, and managed to get to 70 Words Per a Minute. Later, I decided to learn the Proper Finger Placement and how to Touch Type. I went down to 15 wpm at the beginning of my transition, then once I got the hang of it I got to higher speeds. Eventually I lost interest in Street Fighter Online due to the lack of players in the Community.

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
39051 134 WPM 98.9% 206 1/2 today
39050 125 WPM 99.2% 137 2/2 today
39049 112 WPM 98.1% 82 2/2 today
39048 102 WPM 98.8% 90 2/2 today
39047 110 WPM 96.2% 70 1/2 today
39046 128 WPM 99.1% 89 1/2 today
39045 134 WPM 100.0% 87 1/2 today
39044 119 WPM 99.2% 228 1/2 today
39043 105 WPM 97.9% 144 2/2 today
39042 128 WPM 99.2% 104 2/2 today
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