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Racer Profile

razertypist Racer 8 Insignia 91 WPM
Full Average 93.2 WPM
Best Race 178 WPM
Races Completed 5164
WPM Percentile 96.4%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 8
Racing Since Jan. 14, 2018
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Name dicey
Gender Male
Location Minnesota, United States United States flag
About Me hi

My name's dicey and I've been on typeracer ever since early 2018. I'm a decent typist (I average 100 WPM) and I'm quite active on this site. I type on a surface pro keyboard and I use the QWERTY layout, of course.

Additionally, I'm a member of the typeracer discord, which is home to a good amount of people on this site. All of whom share my interests in typing. If you play typeracer, I recommend joining it. If you see me high on the leaderboard it's likely because I'm ghosting. This is why you should get premium, people. My personal best speed right now is 178 WPM (187 unlagged) on the quote: "Leave something for someone but don't leave someone for something".

I hope to see you on the track. L:

discord - dicey#3672

youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5vy7MiYbyUv20JFyVRlcaQ

typeracer discord - https://discord.gg/Xe2qVd

did you know that copy and pasting is the fastest and most efficient way of imputing text onto a digital field? Hi, I'm moe lester. and I've been using ctrl + c and ctrl + v for 38 years now. Ar the ripe age of 4, my father taught me how to execute the commands ctrl + c and ctrl + v. Those two magical keyboard shortcuts are all you need to become a great typist. I copy and paste messages the old-fashioned way, just how grandma used to make it. After decades of training a 6 year apprenticeship, I became the superior typing god I am today. I look down upon those who don't use copy and paste as their typing method. When I first logged on to typeracer.com, I didn’t know that everyone was so bad at typing. I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to keep racing all these normies that type out the message one letter at a type. What is this, 2020 AD? Before I knew it, I surpassed all of these "great typists" like "Sean Wrona", “Chak", and “Deroche” with a simple keyboard shortcut. I now hold the speed record on every text in existence on www.typeracer.com, and I did it all with ease. I simply highlighted it and then used ctrl + c and ctrl + v. I am able to reach speeds of up to 8600 WPS (156,000 “Words per minute” for all of you who use that silly outdated measurement unit) and anyone who thinks they type fast absolutely pale in comparison to my superior typing abilities.

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
5164 95 WPM 95.5% 56 1/1 May 29, 2020
5163 83 WPM 94.6% 56 1/1 May 29, 2020
5162 104 WPM 96.8% 206 1/5 May 29, 2020
5161 90 WPM 95.5% 72 1/1 May 29, 2020
5160 96 WPM 96.3% 65 1/1 May 29, 2020
5159 77 WPM 94.8% 33 2/5 May 29, 2020
5158 90 WPM 95.8% 106 1/1 May 29, 2020
5157 90 WPM 96.0% 67 1/1 May 29, 2020
5156 95 WPM 97.0% 89 1/1 May 29, 2020
5155 87 WPM 95.4% 67 1/1 May 29, 2020
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