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Racer Profile

shazman Racer 7 Insignia 159 WPM
Full Average 141.4 WPM
Best Race 253 WPM
Races Completed 4489
WPM Percentile 99.9%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 7
Racing Since Oct. 18, 2014
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Name shazzy ☂
Age 18
Gender Male
Location Oslo, Norway Norway flag
About Me 204 WPM on 10FastFingers: https://youtu.be/IBZ0xJ5a9W4

Verification video, 198 WPM w/ hands on 10FastFingers (only slightly showing hands, though, best I could do):

!!! 338 WPM CAPTCHA TOP SCORE: https://bit.ly/2tRuSZ3

(btw, I don't even watch anime, but this anime picture is actually LIT)

About me & my typing style/speeds/etc:

I'm 18 years old, I type with 4 fingers(4-6 fingers).
The reason I say 4-6 fingers is that I *RARELY* include other fingers - those being: my left ringfinger (for holding shift, capitalizing letters/even full words & in some situations I use it for the letter " a "), and my right pinky (used for *ONLY* apostrophes and Enter). Oh, and also: I use my index finger for space, not using thumb as most top typists do. =P

My highest WPM on TypeRacer is a 268 WPM (actual speed 280+ WPM), on the quote: "And I need it more than love, and I love it more than life, and I want those stars above to shine this night."
My highest achieved WPM, this far, on 10FastFingers is a 196 WPM from 2017 (I believe it was 2017) - though, I was away from typing for 1-2 year(s). (disclaimer: I do not say I *NEVER* touched any typingsites during this break, although I did not exceed 50 races on TypeRacer during the last two years, until I returned now in 2019)

Anyways, for proof of this "bizarre" typing technique, just go to my YouTube where there are 3 videos showing my hands - two of them having pretty decent quality, while the latest one was pretty bad, in my opinion.


I've always used laptop keyboards - just recently got myself my very first external keyboard for typing. I've progressed rapidly, and I'm already (almost) back at my old speeds - also, I might not update this "About Me" feed for a while, so let's just say: Once I get (fully) used to this keyboard, I *WILL* exceed my older speeds (keyboard type mentioned below)

Old laptops (laptop keyboards): Compaq CQ58, Acer Aspire E15 (I think)
New & current keyboard: Apple Magic

YouTube: Shazzy
(searchtags: Shazzy typing, Shazzy TypeRacer, Shazzy 10FastFingers)

Twitch: twitch.tv/vShazzy
Probably going to stream some pretty soon =)

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
4489 157 WPM 99.2% 154 1/2 today
4488 162 WPM 98.2% 73 1/2 today
4487 150 WPM 98.2% 120 1/2 today
4486 162 WPM 98.9% 68 1/2 today
4485 153 WPM 97.4% 171 1/2 today
4484 167 WPM 98.4% 133 1/2 today
4483 156 WPM 98.0% 127 1/2 today
4482 152 WPM 97.8% 150 1/2 today
4481 157 WPM 98.9% 81 1/2 today
4480 172 WPM 100.0% 74 1/2 today
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