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Racer Profile

sputype Racer 9 Insignia 105 WPM
Full Average 97.6 WPM
Best Race 212 WPM
Races Completed 62669
WPM Percentile 98.9%
Skill Level Megaracer
Experience Level Racer 9
Racing Since Sept. 5, 2015
Keyboard Qwerty
Membership Premium
Gender Male
Location Yuki, Ibaraki, Japan Japan flag
About Me Hey there! I wish u good races, fellow typing enthusiasts! This is SPU here. I terrifically love typing fast on multiple layouts. Let's chill n' rock it with our lightning fingers! (ツ)v

-My typing journey-
I started typing on 'Fujitsu OASYS,' which my parents had mothballed but they would once a year dust off to write New Year's cards. I just wanted to play a game, but all my digging through their storeroom was to no avail as it was merely bundled with a touch typing tutorial, which said 'Hone your typing skills, you might be able to type without glancing at the keyboard in 2 weeks!', but I thought that this was a hoax and that this would have been a stunt if possible, after all that tutorial had no any practice modes. But I decided that I should give it a shot anyway as it wouldn't be so bad to waste a couple of weeks tapping the keys because I had found that it was so fantastic to type after typing the lyrics of songs that had crossed my mind. It turned out that, to begin with, it just took a couple of days to learn touch-typing. I was glad that the idea of typing without glancing wasn't a hoax, after all! ☺

Along with TR, which is my favorite, I also type in: 10FF, Key Hero, Klavogonki.ru, a few Japanese typing trainers and a special program that a great friend-and-opponent of mine has developed.
(In case U wanna try those foreign sites tell me, I'll introduce ya.) Typeracing is always legit, yeah!

-Typing analysis-
My best keyboard layouts: QWERTY, DVORAK, Japanese Romaji & Kana, Russian ФЫВА-ОЛДЖ and French AZERTY
Finger placement: it basically conforms to the standard 'Proper Finger Placement,' unless I reach farther keys like Backspace, Esc, preferring longer fingers over pinkies so that you can reach 'em just tilting your hand slightly; spacebar with left thumb; upper-case letters holding shift with a pinky on the other side and when it comes to all caps, like, caps lock, input, caps unlock!

🗸 All texts typed (as of Feb. 2020)
🗸 Raced in 40+ universes; 10k+ races at least in 2 universes.

Dell (in the photo,) Razer Blackwidow Elite, MacBook Air.

Discord: spu#7325
Facebook, Skype or ВК: Enter my name 'Manabu Shiomori' to add me.

See ya on the track!

Latest Race Results

Race # Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
62669 103 WPM 97.5% 141 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62668 103 WPM 97.0% 142 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62667 105 WPM 96.4% 103 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62666 115 WPM 97.5% 96 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62665 98 WPM 96.0% 88 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62664 104 WPM 96.6% 183 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62663 105 WPM 97.0% 61 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
62662 104 WPM 98.4% 54 1/2 Oct. 20, 2020
62661 102 WPM 95.7% 52 1/2 Oct. 20, 2020
62660 108 WPM 98.3% 105 1/1 Oct. 20, 2020
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