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this = (fsm_instance *)kmalloc(sizeof(fsm_instance), order); if (this == NULL) { printk(KERN_WARNING "fsm(%s): init_fsm: Couldn't alloc instance\n", name); return NULL; } memset(this, 0, sizeof(fsm_instance)); strlcpy(this->name, name, sizeof(this->name));
Linux Kernel (fsm.c) (software) by Linux Kernel
Language: English
This text has been typed more than 1000 times:
Avg. speed: 49 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 95.6%

Top 10 scores for this text

User Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
1 jweb_guru_code 76 WPM N/A N/A 1/2 July 31, 2009
2 valikor_code 58 WPM N/A N/A 2/2 July 31, 2009