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print "Using URL", url req = urllib2.Request(url) fd = urllib2.urlopen(req) while 1: data = fd.read(1024) if not len(data): break sys.stdout.write(data)
SubmitGETData (software) by http://www.java2s.com/Code/Python/Network/SubmitGETData.htm
Language: English
This text has been typed more than 1000 times:
Avg. speed: 57 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 96.1%

Top 10 scores for this text

User Speed Accuracy Points Place Date Options
1 drunkvalikor 67 WPM N/A N/A 1/2 Dec. 14, 2008
2 typeracer 47 WPM N/A N/A 2/2 Dec. 14, 2008