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Goo-goo-dolls. Foo-fighters. Foo-foo-dolls. Goo-goo, goo-dolls. Goo-fighters. Foo-dolls. Goo-foo-fighters. Foo-foo-dolls. Oh yeah. Goo-foo-goo-foo... dolls. Foo-foo-foo... fighters. Doll-fighters. Fighter-foos. Goo-fighter-goos. Foo-fighter goo-foo-dolls. Dolls. Goo-goo-dolls-fighters-goo-dolls... dolls. Dolls. Goo.
Possible Band Names [hyphenated] (song) by First of October
Language: English
This text has been typed 40 times:
Avg. speed: 76 WPM
Avg. accuracy: 96.8%